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The sons' of Club Italia's George Molnar and John Esposito shone brightly in the latest edition of the Aldo Cuccurullo Memorial Trophy match in Nelson.


Each year the club's annual meeting of members elects the following:

  • The patron (His Excellency, the Italian Ambassador to New Zealand)
  • President - two year term
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Four committee members
  • Two trustees
  • The committee is also guided by a solicitor who is a club member.

Sub-committees to look after specific areas - social, building, membership - operate as required.

New members must be nominated by existing members and qualification is based on being able to show Italian heritage.

Members pay an annual subscription fee which is waived for members over the age of 70 who have been members for a minimum of five years.

The club is governed by a constitution which was updated in 2003. A copy is available for members.

Founding Members

Salvi and Jo Gaeta founders of Europe Modes Tailoring

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La Bella Italia

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Antonio e Luisa Cacace Fondatori Della Bella Italia in New Zealand

Antonio and Luisa Cacace Founders of La Bella Italia in New Zealand

Are proud to sponsor the Club Garibaldi website.

Mediterranean Foods


Joe and Gino Cuccurullo
Founders of Mediterranean Foods

Tony and Rosina Basile

Joe Lupi

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