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The Clubrooms will be open at 2.00pm and the Remembrance Liturgy will begin at 2.30pm. We are honoured to have Monsignor Gerry Burns, the Wellington Archdiocese Vicar-General, leading the Service. Following the Liturgy, we will enjoy tea, coffee and some treats...

National Day - 2013

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Jo, Caterina & Dean

Newsletter 2013 June 2

Left: Daniela, Patricia, Ginette, Elizabeth, Amb Alessandro Levi Sandri

Newsletter 2013 June 3

Left: Rex, Alison, Clara, Annibale, Avril

Newsletter 2013 June 4

Left: Alfonso, Teresa & Maria

Newsletter 2013 June 5

Tarantella Dance Group with Amb Alessandro & Maria Elenio

Newsletter 2013 June 6

Left: Penny, Robin, Rob, Linda & Maria

Newsletter 2013 June 7

Vince, Tony, Tony & Ida

Newsletter 2013 June 8

Left: Fifi, Maryrose, Alfonso, Joe, Lib and Teresa

Newsletter 2013 June 9

Ginette helping Amb. Alessandro cut the anniversary cake

Newsletter 2013 June 10

Giovanni, Angela & Lucia

Newsletter 2013 June 11

Nancy and her son with guests

Newsletter 2013 June 12

Lucia, Patricia, Marietta & Kerry

Newsletter 2013 June 13

Founding Members

La Bella Italia

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Antonio e Luisa Cacace Fondatori Della Bella Italia in New Zealand

Antonio and Luisa Cacace Founders of La Bella Italia in New Zealand

Are proud to sponsor the Club Garibaldi website.

Mediterranean Foods


Joe and Gino Cuccurullo
Founders of Mediterranean Foods

Tony and Rosina Basile